Palm Beach County General Jural Assembly

6742 Forest Hill Blvd, Suite #187

West Palm Beach, Florida


Press Release

February 20, 2022


    Allow us to introduce to you the Palm Beach County General Jural Assembly (PBCGJA). The first re-established county level Common Law Jural Assembly in Florida!


The PBCGJA consists of men and women from all walks of life, religion, age, sex, etc. who are lucky enough to call Palm Beach County home. We come together to unify, respectfully communicate, and listen to one another, as we work together to move from victimization and control to perfect self-government. We share local and current events happening in our county both in person and through various online platforms as we are active on social media! We are passionate law-abiding people who have enormous hearts. We invite you to join us as we use our talents, skills, and knowledge to help re-create and sustain a law-abiding common law government that our forefathers envisioned for us all. Together, we are the explicit voice of the prodigy of “We the People”.


Today, the tyranny of an ever-expanding and intrusive local, state, and federal government has caused the erosion of Liberty’s protections. We are often threatened in our very homes and neighborhoods. Just look to the October 4, 2021, memo by the U.S. Attorney General that calls on the FBI to address violent threats against school officials made by the parents of school age children under the Patriot Act as domestic terrorists. Moreover, the massive bail reform that has taken place in cities across our country which has driven crime rates up while millions of illegals flood the southern border with drugs such as Fentanyl which is now the major cause of death for Americans aged 18-45. It is out of control. Now more than ever we look to you to intercede when local, state, and federal forces overstep their constitutional authority and power and violate their oath of office. It is time Palm Beach County residents learn about their Constitutional rights.


Please join us at one of our in-person meetings, Thursday nights at 7:00pm at the Brus room (1333 N Congress Ave Boynton Beach FL 33426). The next meeting will take place March 3, 2022.We would love to meet you and hear your story about what makes you the valuable patriot you are to our team and country!




Palm Beach County Jural Assembly