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Press Release

March 21, 2022



Re: Palm Beach County Sheriff Rick Bradshaw served with Affidavit regarding his crimes against humanity, treason and much more. $1,500,000,000,000 claim to follow.


To all the honest media out there that will have the courage to cover this imploding issue in Palm Beach County.


Since March 22, 2020 - illegal and unconstitutional mandates have taken place in Palm Beach County. Our Constitution was factually suspended by the PBC Commissionaires that issued these unconstitutional mandates - starting with EO 20-01, continuing with EOs: 20-02, 20-03, 20-04, 20-05, 20-06, 20-07, 20-08, 20-10, 20-11, 20-12, 20-13, 20-14, 20-15, 20-16, 20-17, 20-18, 20-19, 20-20, 20-22, 20-23, 20-26, 20-29, 20-30, 20-31, 21-01, 21-02, 21-03, 21-04, 21-05.


All public servants take an Oath to defend the US and Florida Constitutions. Failure to do so is a breach of the Oath of Office which ultimately amount to treason!


Palm Beach County Sheriff, Rick Bradshaw, should have been investigating the PBC Commissionaires for their unconstitutional and treasonous actions as well as bringing charges to the prosecutor office where appropriate since day 1 of their implementation. Instead, he engaged in enforcing these treasonous mandates and instructed all PBC Sheriff deputies to do so as well.


We The People of Palm Beach County requested a peaceful meeting with our unconstitutional Sheriff Rick Bradshaw several times – we were and still are being ignored by him


We served our PBC unconstitutional Sheriff Rick Bradshaw a ‘Writ of Instruction’ to correct his unconstitutional andtreasonous actions. Again, we have been and still are being ignored.


It seems as if reminding him of the Oath he took did nothing to restore our belief system and constitution in PBC. He clearly does not care that he took an Oath to defend US and Florida Constitutions based on his actions.


On March 9, 2022, we mailed him an Affidavit listing all the crimes he committed and the laws/statues that he violated.


Palm Beach County residents will not stop until justice is served for having our unalienable rights illegally suspended and infringed upon for over 2 years. 


You can verify the documents we served our unconstitutional Sheriff Rick Bradshaw at our website in the ‘Public Records’ section:


Copies of all documents served to the PBC Sheriff Rick Bradshaw were also sent to military units (since treason and crimes against humanity fall under the Military Code of Justice):

·      US Marshalls

·      Provost Marshal General

·      Northern Command Center

·      Space Force

·      Special Operations

·      Army Investigations

·      Navy Investigations

·      Airforce Investigations


As well as to Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody and State Secretary Laurel Lee.


Now more than ever we look to you to help us educate Palm Beach County residents about their Constitutional rights.


For media inquiries please contact our Communication Secretary at:




Palm Beach County Jural Assembly